Our Story

The history of United Energy Products, Inc. – a family-owned business for over 30 years.

Frank Smollon Sr.

Frank Smollon Sr.

From the Desk of Frank Smollon, Sr.

United Energy Products, Inc. (UEP) was founded in 1984 as a venting products manufacturer’s representative firm. I was one of two working partners, and we had one silent investor. In 1989 my partner and I bought out the silent investor, and in 1991, when my partner retired, I became the sole stock holder. My three sons, Frank Jr., Jeff, and Steve, joined the company shortly after graduating from college and have all been part of the company management team for more than fifteen years. The company has experienced significant growth during this time. Today each operate different divisions of the company and are slowly but surely allowing thoughts of retirement.  I have always promoted a strong customer service philosophy and fortunately, my sons are all cut from the same cloth.

When UEP first started, the norm for venting commercial boilers, generators and water heaters was field-fabricated, welded black iron that was wrapped with fiber insulation. UEP’s sole product manufacturer, Selkirk Metalbestos introduced a UL Listed, factory-fabricated, double wall stainless steel, pre-insulated product. This new product design was much safer, easier to install and was seen as a major improvement over conventional methods. It was quickly accepted by the contracting and engineering community which led to the early success of our young company.

Over the years, our reputation and success in the venting business generated interest from other manufacturers. We have expanded our venting product lines to include hot water and steam boilers, domestic water heaters and hydronic pumping systems. In 2010 we expanded our business into Virginia with an office in Richmond.  In 2011 we opened another office that serves the Philadelphia market covering Eastern Pa, Southern NJ and Delaware.

UEP’s primary goal is to provide its customers with superior customer service and long-term, easy to maintain, high-efficiency equipment. We are lucky to represent some of the highest quality manufacturers in the industry. I’m proud to say that our customers include the White House, the State Department, the Smithsonian Institute, the Kennedy Center, Johns Hopkins Hospital, and the MGM Casino at National Harbor, just to name a few. We owe much of our success to our employees. Currently we have 27 staff members, many of which have 15+ years of dedicated service. We truly work as a team, cultivating a company culture that is built upon trust and high integrity.

Today, UEP continues to grow at a gradual and conservative pace. We take pride in our reputation for superior customer service, our team-oriented company culture, nurturing our employees, and strengthening our core business.  We look forward to growing and maintaining our strong customer relationships for years to come.

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